Wendy Williams Gets Real Candid About Her New Boyfriend

Wendy Williams Gets Real Candid About Her New Boyfriend
Credit: Source: CelebrityInsider.org

According to a report from E! Online, Wendy Williams is getting real about her love life. The host of her eponymous television show, who recently split up from her executive producer husband, Kevin Hunter, is now speaking candidly about her brand new 27-year-old boyfriend.

During Monday's episode of The Wendy Williams Show , the host admitted she's no longer on the market. As the audience cheered, Wendy said, "I know!" adding that she's not in love, but there is somebody she's really happy to be with at the moment.

As her audience continued to cheer her on, Wendy suddenly started to cry. "Listen, it's not who you think," the star remarked regarding her 27-year-old boyfriend, Marc Tomblin. "Ok, mom doesn't deal with children," the star added.

In a statement which some would describe as bragging, Wendy said when you're a "cool person," you tend to attract people of all ages. She explained that Marc is actually from LA, but he came to New York because he had never been there before.

Moreover, speaking on what she's like in a relationship, Wendy described herself as a "hand-holder," which many people tend to think is symbolic of a relationship that is a little bit more serious than what she would consider. In other words, it's just something she likes to do.

Williams said she finds her 27-year-old boyfriend "very attractive," however, she needs the love of a much older man because they offer more comfort and a sense of stability. Wendy said that her newest man, the one after her 27-year-old boy-toy, is actually a doctor.

As it was previously reported, Wendy Williams and her former husband, Kevin Hunter, called off their marriage after it was alleged in the tabloids that Kevin had impregnated another woman. Apparently, the news of his infidelity played a role in her relapse, and she then had to take some time off in a sober-living home.

While most of her fans were sympathetic, others, including 50 Cent, took the opportunity to get revenge, with the rapper stating that he always knew there was something off about Wendy. The Get Rich Or Die Tryin ' rapper suggested Wendy was off the rails and addicted to drugs. Fans of his know 50's comments are likely pay-back for Williams' comments regarding his personal life in the past.

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