Van Jones And Wendy Williams Duke It Out On The Wendy Williams Show

Van Jones And Wendy Williams Duke It Out On The Wendy Williams Show
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According to a report from, Van Jones and Wendy Williams recently had a verbal spat on the set of her show, a conversation in which Wendy asked him questions about his failed marriage to his wife, Jana Carter.

Coincidentally, Williams is also getting a divorce as well with one of her executive producers, Kevin Hunter, who is in the process of receiving a severance package. On The Wendy Williams Show , Wendy indulged in her marital woes, however, Van Jones clapped back with an interesting remark.

Wendy noticed that he and his wife are getting a divorce but he still wears the wedding band, then Van Jones said the same thing in turn, "but you've got something on your hand too."

Wendy, who's no stranger to light-hearted jesting, said to Van Jones, "excuse me, this side of the couch is for the asking of the questions." As it was previously reported, Wendy and her man, Kevin Hunter, divorced after twenty years.

Rumor has it that Kevin Hunter impregnated another woman, Sharina Hudson. It was reported earlier in the month that things have been tense on the set of The Wendy Williams Show . In fact, Wendy allegedly hired security to ensure that nothing bad happens on set.

Insiders who spoke to multiple outlets claim that one day, things became quite heated between Kevin and Wendy, and Kevin had to be physically restrained.

A few days later, reports surfaced explaining that Kevin was in the middle of receiving a severance package in which he and executives could terminate the rest of their contract. Kevin likely will receive millions of dollars to no longer work on the show.

Furthermore, fans believe the allegation that Kevin impregnated another woman is what led to Wendy's relapse. She had to inhabit a sober living home in which she lived alongside other professional women. Wendy addressed the rumors while on her eponymous show, explaining that many of the women there were suffering from similar issues.

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