Tyler Perry Claims His Atlanta Studio Rivals Hollywood Studios

Tyler Perry Claims His Atlanta Studio Rivals Hollywood Studios
Credit: Source: Ebony.com

According to a report from the San Francisco Gate, Tyler Perry remembers when he teared up after seeing a billboard bearing his name and film studio near an Atlanta highway exit. Tyler claims he might feel the same way when he opens the doors to the Tyler Perry Studios this Saturday night.

Perry is gearing up to unveil his massive studio, where some of the projects there include Madea, Walking Dead, as well as Black Panther. Perry said in a new interview that when he came to Atlanta in 1992, he had a dream and a vision in his mind.

Tyler added that to him, Atlanta was the "promised land," and every time he drives by the studio, it's a reminder of how much he loves the city.

The director/actor/writer went on to compare his studio to major Hollywood studios, including Paramount Pictures as well as Warner Brothers. It has one of the largest production studios in the country with forty buildings and twelve soundstages.

Reportedly, Tyler created the studio on a former Army Base south of downtown Atlanta, after he first laid the money down for the property four years ago in 2015. Before he owned it, the base there was called Fort McPherson.

According to Perry, he built the very best studio he could possibly muster. Perry, at one point in his life, was homeless and went on to become one of the biggest African-American filmmakers.

This past month, Perry partnered with Viacom, the owners of BET and MTV, to launch the BET Plus streaming service. Perry will have not one but two series on the platform, including Sistas as well as The Oval . With all of that said, Perry claims Hollywood doesn't understand the value of his content, which is supposedly supported wholeheartedly by African-Americans.

Moreover, to Tyler, Hollywood and the entertainment industry don't understand just how powerful the African-American dollar really is. Hollywood doesn't believe he actually writes and directs everything on his own, the director stated.

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