Rob Lowe Calls Demi Moore An ‘Inspiration’ To His Sobriety Amid Her Inside Out Substance Abuse Bombshells

Rob Lowe Calls Demi Moore An ‘Inspiration’ To His Sobriety Amid Her Inside Out Substance Abuse Bombshells
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Rob Lowe made an appearance on The View today where he credited Demi Moore with inspiring his sobriety.

It has been a whirlwind week full of bombshells from Moore's tell-all memoir, Inside Out. One of her revelations is the actress struggled with drugs and alcohol in her late teens and early 20's.

"She was the first person I ever knew who got sober. She was a huge inspiration to me. It was the 80s. We were all doing our thing. I just remember thinking, 'If that girl can get sober, anybody can.," he began.

Lowe and Moore starred to together in the 80's cult hit St. Elmo’s Fire. She played a part in Lowe getting sober. The 55-year-old has been sober for 29-years.

"Everybody has that person in their life where they go, 'That's a great example.' So it was very helpful," the actor shared.

In her book, Moore discussed not only getting sober for the first time but also relapsing. She had a severe relapse after her marriage to Ashton Kutcher fell apart. The actress nearly lost her life after smoking synthetic marijuana and inhaling nitrous oxide at a party. It was a wakeup call for Moore.

Lowe has not had a relapse since getting sober nearly three decades ago. Well, at least not that he has shared with the public. The Hollywood heartthrob did reveal to The View cohosts he loved being in rehab.

"It was like going to school to learn how to live your life with tools that nobody ever taught me. Here's one of the great ones I learned: Never compare your insides to someone else's outsides. I spend a lot of time thinking, 'Should I be doing this, should I be doing that?' It changed my life. I have great empathy for people who can just do it themselves. I needed experts. It was great, it was fantastic," Lowe explained.

Rob Lowe and Demi Moore both shot to stardom during the 1980's becoming part of the coveted Brat Pack. They even teamed up once again for the film About Last Night .

Although Lowe credits Moore for helping him get sober, he did not reveal if he talks to his costar these days. He also did not elaborate on her book or any of her bombshells because Lowe is a respectful guy.

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