Trista Sutter Responds To Claim That Bachelor Creator Mike Fleiss Is A Misogynist

Trista Sutter Responds To Claim That Bachelor Creator Mike Fleiss Is A Misogynist
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According to a report from, Trista Sutter respects and adores the creator of the Bachelor franchise, Mike Fleiss, as well as her fellow Bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe. In recent news, Kaitlyn referred to Mike as a "piece of s**t," and accused him of hating women.

Moreover, Kaitlyn claimed Mike "blocked her" from getting a role on Dancing With The Stars during a conversation with Nikki Glaser on her Talkhouse Podcast. Around the same time as the original accusation, Fleiss took to his Twitter to say she had his support if she wanted to get on the production.

Brice Sander from Entertainment Tonight was with the first Bachelorette as well as her husband, Ryan Sutter, during the 100th episode celebration of WE tv's Marriage Boot Camp this past Thursday, where both stars shared their honest opinion regarding Kaitlyn's remarks.

Ryan started it off by stating she likely has her own reason for saying what she did, and that's "fine." Trista admitted she and Mike are actually quite close to each other, and have been for a while now, despite that not being the case at one point in time.

Bristowe said to Brice from ET that she and Mike have "massive history" and they go way back. While appearing as diplomatic as possible, The Bachelorette star said she "adores Kaitlyn" as well, stating that for years she has been one of her closest friends.

Regarding the claim that Mike played a role in Kaitlyn not getting on Dancing With The Stars , she said she couldn't speak to that. However, she did say that she believed Bristowe would 've done very well had she been on the series.

In terms of whether or not The Bachelor series should end in a proposal, the reality star explained she didn't believe it was ever necessary, to begin with. Entertainment Tonight also spoke with Ashley and JP Rosenbaum, who dished on whether or not the show would continue with a marriage proposal at the conclusion of the season.


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