Toya Wright Reveals A Surprise To Her Fans And People Are Crazy With Excitement

Toya Wright Reveals A Surprise To Her Fans And People Are Crazy With Excitement
Credit: Complex

Toya Wright revealed the coolest surprise to her fans. And no, it's not the much-awaited engagement to Robert Rushing.

As you already know, Toya's fans have been begging the woman to marry Robert for a while now.

They have been telling Reginae Carter's mom that this is definitely the man of her life and they can tell that he loves her just by the way in which he's looking at this lady.

But now, her announcement is about something else. Check out her IG post below.

'We extended the back to school sale one more week! Shop #booksale,' Toya captioned her post.

People were really excited and some fans did not even know that Toya's mom, Mama Nita has her very own book.

A fan said: 'Glad I have all mine 💕 i can’t wait to publish my own 🙏🏽❤️ I’m willing to gift someone a book of their choice if they can’t afford to buy one 🥰'

A follower posted: 'One day I will be working with you to get my book published 🙏🏽. I ordered How to Lose a Husband. Can’t wait to read it!'

One commenter wrote: 'Only $10.00? I'm just seeing this, I have to order in the morning, it's Christmas time shopping gifts.'

A surprised person sid this: 'Girl! You knew I was waiting didn’t you 😂😂😂 ? I just need Nita book, I got all yours of course. 💜💜'

One follower posted: 'I Didn’t Know Mama Nita Book Was Out🤔 Let Me Check It Out.'

Speaking of Toya's mom, Toya shared a post featuring her mom, Mama Nita. Diehard fans know that she wrote a book and they’re crazy about it.

Toya’s mom will be hosting a book signing event next month , and she’s inviting everyone who is interested to take part.


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