Towanda Braxton Praises Miss Charlotte Wilson - See Their Photo Together

Towanda Braxton Praises Miss Charlotte Wilson - See Their Photo Together
Credit: BET

Towanda Braxton shared a photo featuring Miss Charlotte Wilson. You can check out the pic below and see her message for Charlotte.

'Thank you to this amazing woman. @glowskinenhancement @misscharlottewilson #theskingodd She has given me an incredible opportunity with my awesome skincare line @t.braxtonskincare Thank you Ms Charlotte for being on #bfv I love you to the moon and back,' Towanda captioned her post.

Fans hopped in the comments with all kinds of messages for her.

A follower said: 'Take that makeup off your face and show your real skin,' and someone else posted this message: '@itowandabraxton 😭 why y'all left the tube so quickly? 😭.... Imma miss y'all #BFV😘 MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your ENTIRE Family. Love y'all @trinabraxton1 @therealtracibraxton @tamarbraxton @tonibraxton @evelynbraxton Please stay safe.'

Someone else said: 'I just loved loved loved the show tonight! Yall mom @evelynbraxton is all our moms in our heads! What a gem she is!! ❣️Loving the new show angle- its more intimate and def more interesting to watch. seeing you all in your natural environments and the dynamics of being booed up! Major props!'

A fan posted: 'Sis, Belove, lovey... Of all the other meaningful& heart sent comments on here to you, why not enjoy those .. No weapon🚫We Women will stand for something greater this year... We need to uplift one another. Doesn't mattertheskincolor... Hold hands to hold one another up! Fear of the unknowing is ok( I think it's called covetous)😉😚🤗... Get to know and face the fears... You might learn to love them...'

In other news, not too long ago, Towanda Braxton  and  Trina Braxton filmed a clip together, and this has fans praising the two ladies. Check it out. It was Trina’s birthday!


‘Me and my Tree-Nee @trinabraxton1 celebrating her birthday! I love my Tree-Nee!! #prettyface #skin #skincare #barchix #tbraxtonskincare,’ Towanda captioned her post.

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