Torrey DeVitto Says The New COVID-19 Restrictions Are 'Mind-Blowing'

Torrey DeVitto Says The New COVID-19 Restrictions Are 'Mind-Blowing'
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Torrey DeVitto , the 36-year-old actress, started work again on Chicago Med after a few months off earlier this month. Bang Showbiz says she admits that the new coronavirus restrictions she and the crew members have to abide by are "mind-blowing."

DeVitto portrays Dr. Natalie Manning on the series, and she said there have been many changes to the way they film the show now. She described them as "really interesting," especially how well NBC had implemented the new restrictions.

Torrey praised the network for spending so much money just to keep everyone on set safe. One of the coronavirus restrictions is that the cast and crew have to come in for testing five days a week. Each cast and crew member must get tested before starting work for the day.

Additionally, DeVitto says the stars of the series aren't allowed to take their masks off unless they're in the middle of filming. During a conversation with Us Magazine, Torrey explained how they're only permitted to take the mask off for 10 minutes at a time.

There is a timer that goes off every ten seconds, and the moment it goes off again, they have to put the mask back on again. The star went on to say the entire ordeal is "intense," and she often gets confused about everything because there are so many aspects of the new protocols.

Even though there are many new regulations, Torrey admits she's nervous about the idea of catching it from another person. She isn't worried about herself so much, but rather, the people around her.

However, DeVitto admits she's just grateful to be working again because the jobs in the entertainment business right now are sparse. Torrey doesn't want to be the person who catches something and ruins it for everyone else.


NBC was just one network that had to shut down the vast majority of its programs amid the start of the coronavirus lockdown near the beginning of the year. NBCUniversal halted 35 productions.

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