Brian Austin Green - Here's Why He's Realized He And Megan Fox Are 'Two Very Different People' After Split!

Brian Austin Green - Here's Why He's Realized He And Megan Fox Are 'Two Very Different People' After Split!
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As Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly ’s relationship gets more and more serious, her ex husband, Brian Austin Green is also realizing that he and Megan are ‘two very different people.’ In other words, he is apparently doing totally Okay in the aftermath of their split.

This is what a new insider report claims to know, the source telling HollywoodLife that ‘Brian and Megan are definitely cordial. Brian is finally at an OK place with Megan moving on. He is doing his own thing and has finally realized that they are two very different people. Brian is very relaxed about things and Megan likes things done a certain way. She’s more reserved and he’s very outgoing and talkative. They each love and support their family but are on different paths in life now.’

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Not too long after Megan Fox filed for divorce, she started hanging out with MGK in public more and more, making their romance very obvious.

In the meantime, Brian Austin Green has been linked to a couple of other women as well since the separation but it does not seem like he is as seriously involved in a new relationship as Megan and Machine Gun Kelly are.

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The insider dished about the new couple that they are ‘getting very serious and they want to elevate things to the next level pretty soon. They do not do anything without the other these days. They are that connected. They have a lot of physical chemistry too when they are together. He is always making her laugh. He is a comedian in his own right and a super sweet guy, and Megan loves that about him. A lot of people do not realize how funny he truly is. MGK worships the ground Megan walks on, and he would do anything for her. Things are moving really fast between them.’


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