Tom Hanks Gifts Bullied Boy Named Corona With Typewriter

Tom Hanks Gifts Bullied Boy Named Corona With Typewriter
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The New York Post reported today that Tom Hanks showed off what a nice guy he is once again after he gave an Australian boy a Corona-brand typewriter. The little boy reportedly was bullied over his name that's associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Corona De Vries, 8-years-old, said in a video, "I feel like I'm famous." As fans of the actor know, Tom is already fairly familiar with the country of Australia. He spent a few months there filming a new Elvis Presley movie, and he was also under quarantine after testing positive for the coronavirus.

Reportedly, the 8-year-old boy reached out to the Oscar winner and asked him, "are you ok?" when Tom revealed he and his wife were diagnosed with the coronavirus. Additionally, Corona wrote a letter about how kids in school were bullying him over his name, which "made him sad and angry."

As a gift, Tom Hanks cleaned up his old school Corona typewriter and gave it to him. Tom also wrote him a letter back on the 10th of April in which he stated that his words of sympathy made him and his wife "feel so wonderful."

The Cast Away actor stated he was the only person he ever knew who had the name, "Corona," which is like the "ring around the sun, a crown." Tom then revealed he was sending him his typewriter as a gift, and told him to get someone who was old enough to teach him how to use it.

When he spoke with Reuters, Corona was thrilled that Hanks said they were friends. He added that he was going to write back to him soon. As mentioned near the beginning of the article, Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks were arguably the first celebs to reveal their COVID-19 diagnosis.

Consequently, he and Rita had to spend a few weeks in an Australian hospital to avoid spreading COVID-19 around the nation. Since then, the world has gone into lockdown, including Australia, Canada, and the United States.

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