Julianne Hough Says That Time Apart From Husband Brooks Laich Has Been 'Magical'

Julianne Hough Says That Time Apart From Husband Brooks Laich Has Been 'Magical'
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Fans of Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich know that the couple has been spending some time apart from each other during the coronavirus pandemic. Page Six reported today that the pair of celebs are actually enjoying their time separately.

According to the outlet, the 36-year-old, Laich, has been enjoying solitude at his home in Idaho along with his dog, Koda, while Hough has been hanging out in Los Angeles. Despite being on the other side of the country, apparently, they're doing just fine.

During an Instagram Live session for Oprah Magazine, Julianne shared that she has been "on (her) own," whereas her husband has been doing "lots of yard work." Hough said to the host that it's been a really "magical time" for both of them.

Hough explained that despite being on her own, she doesn't mind it that much because she's naturally an introvert. According to the reality star, in her thirties, she's been spending a lot of time around people, but she has also been enjoying her solitude.

With that said, the Dancing With The Stars alum said she doesn't feel "lonely," but definitely feels "alone." The reality star pointed out that there is a difference between the two terms. While she misses hanging around other people, the solitude isn't so bad either. It's a time of reflection for her.

She has been developing a deeper connection to what's the most important thing in her life. Laich made similar remarks on his podcast near the beginning of the week. He said he missed the connections with other people but ultimately liked being by himself.

He did say, however, that a big part of his quarantine time is his dog. The former NHLer said he loves having his dog with him, otherwise, he'd probably be a little more bothered by isolation. While the pair have been singing how great things are, rumor has it they're splitting up.

The speculation only intensified when Hough was spotted with Ben Barnes in LA, while Laich is at his home in Idaho.

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