Tom Cruise has a new affair? Amid news of celebrity weddings and romances

Tom Cruise has a new affair? Amid news of celebrity weddings and romances
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Tom Cruise decided to follow the example of his colleagues. And although his last relationship with actress Hayley Atwell ended about a month ago, the famous romantic is not losing his grip.

He met with Hayley for more than two years, but this did not stop him from appearing in the company of a mysterious stranger after such a short time after the break.

The brown-haired woman accompanied Tom at the Hyde Park Music Festival, where they enjoyed the strong voice of the singer Adele together.

Of course, in public, the boyfriend tried to stay away from his new companion, but insiders still noticed how tenderly the guests treated can't help his Hollywood smile, looking at the girl.

Cruise was dressed in a laconic polo, dark blue jeans, and a light windbreaker. But the girl chose a brighter outfit on the occasion of her debut, which perfectly emphasized her slender figure.

Pink Gucci jumper with gold buttons, classic flared jeans and a black clutch. We hope that this is not the last appearance of the couple in public, and we will get to know the unknown X-lady better.

In a previous post, He received the Golden Globe three times and was nominated for an Oscar three times. His Magnolia is one of the most awarded must-see films, and Mission: Impossible rivals the James Bond saga on equal footing.

Another thing is interesting, over the decades of stunt films about Ethan Hunt (Cruise's hero), the actor performed most of the stunt elements himself, without using understudies.

Let's remember what a Hollywood star had to go to for the sake of authenticity in the frame. In the second part of the "Mission," filmed by John Woo, the hero Tom Cruise is engaged in rock climbing without insurance.


Of course, during the filming, it was, but it was impossible to look without fear at one of the leading actors jumping onto a rock ledge. Tom Cruise then hurt his leg but did not stop the filming process.


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