Tiny Harris Shares Her Secret For A Healthy & Strong Hair

Tiny Harris Shares Her Secret For A Healthy & Strong Hair
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Tiny Harris wanted to share with her fans what's her secret for having a healthy and strong hair that does not break anymore. So, this is what she did on her social media account. Check out her latest post here:

'My buddy @thatshekinah turned me on to treatment. @hairbreakage  No More Hair Breakage. The Only Hair Products Formulated To Stop Hair Shedding And Hair Breakage. Also Promotes Healthy Hair Growth,' Tiny captioned her post.

The manufactures of the product made sure to thank Tiny for the shout out: 'OMG!! @majorgirl !!! Thank you! We’re excited that you’re enjoying the product!! We Never imagined all of the celebrities would take notice of our brand... Thank you @thatshekinah for believing in our products enough to turn your friends and followers on to us even though you have an amazing product yourself!!! Forever grateful ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍'

Someone took Tiny's advice and ordered their products as well: 'i just ordered the full package hopes this works. Not usually the one to buy something just because a celebrity says so. But I really need something for my hair.'

Another commenter posted 'You are So right she loves her hands in a head she's a WIZARD loved by many stay Blessed much love.'

Someone else said 'I need sum of that!!! All this hair don't know what to do with it!! 🙋❤❤'

Tiny recently  went to get her beauty treatments together with her baby girl Heiress Harris , and she documented everything on Instagram for her fans and followers.

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