Tiny Harris Reveals 'The Clark Sisters Movie' To Her Fans: 'Unmatchable Talents'

Tiny Harris Reveals 'The Clark Sisters Movie' To Her Fans: 'Unmatchable Talents'
Credit: BET

Tiny Harris revealed a surprise for her fans - The Clark Sisters Movie. She called the sisters who are starring in it, 'unmatchable talents.' Check out the post that Tiny shared on her social media account below.

'The Clark Sisters Movie - I’m so happy to be able to let ppl know about this movie with these amazing sisters. With unmatchable talents. Grateful we got to grace the stage with such musical legends. So much of a fan we covered one of there hits Living In Vain on Xscape’s first album. Make sure y’all check this movie out on Lifetime 🙏🏽👑 #QueenLatifah #MissyElliot #MaryJBlige,' Tiny captioned her post.

People showed their excitement in the comments section and praised the movie.

Other than this, Tiny made her fans happy about a week ago as well, when she announced the Tiny Jo Show. The first episode haad T.I. as a special guest.

A commenter said: 'that episode when Shekinah and tiny went biking and Tiny fell and was hanging while Shekinah was in the back 😂I DIED.'

Someone else on YouTube posted: 'I am happy that Shekinah and Tip can be in the same room with each other and laugh and talk it was great to see. Lol good show keep them coming.'

One other follower said: 'Here we go...I like tiny and Shekinah friendship and t.i as an entertainer, period. However, ti and tiny ain't relationship goals for me and mines. And Shekinah is the real-real to the point she go tell the truth to a fault. Tiny scapegoating on the subject and trying turn convo to Shekinah liking women cause it was getting to close to her skeletons in her closet. T.I is trying to tell her what is acceptable behavior or standards for getting a man, I'll pass on that! Shekinah doesn't let other people set standards for your life, you set the pace and run yo race, let them play catch-up."

Other than this, Tiny and Shekinah Anderson went live for the show that they have together.

Tiny shared a video of what went down, and you can see that Tamar Braxton was also on the line .


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