Tiny Harris' Fans Are Saying That Her And T.I.'s Son, Major Has 'A Millionaire Mentality'

Tiny Harris' Fans Are Saying That Her And T.I.'s Son, Major Has 'A Millionaire Mentality'
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In a time full of drama all over social media, Tiny Harris makes her fans happy with a recent photo that she shared featuring her and T.I.'s son Major Harris and Monica Brown together with her daughter. Tiny's fans adore Major.

'Family ties... we always pull thru for family & the love is unconditional. My beautiful sweet God daughter @laiyahbrown sis @monicabrown & mama’s babyboy @majorpharris when I say my baby don’t wanna put no cool shoes on. They all hurt his feet & he only care to be comfortable.. he’s so intelligent😬 🙏🏽👑🥰💚' Tiny captioned her pic.

Someone said 'He has the millionaire mentality. Most of them live around us don't dress by name brands. He has his own style. He has two great parents, and all the siblings are poppin. Keep up the good work.'

Another follower posted 'That’s my baby @majorpharris has been my fave since he was born. His shoes are cool @majorgirl . Go get em smart boy.'

Another fan wrote 'Hi major I haven't seen u in a minute he reminds me so much of my 10yr old smart wise wisdom and loving..Praying for ur family @majority...'

Someone else said 'I think she's expressing how intelligent he is.. and how he doesn't give two fuc*s about fashion.. it kills me to read celebrities post and people are criticizing them! Get a fucking life!!'

Other than this, Tiny and T.I. are not doing so great these days since Tip's sister got into a horrible car accident.

Precious is in the hospital, and t hey both addressed the subject on social media.

Tiny also made sure to praise Monica Brown after, during one of her concerts, she sent tons of love to Precious. Tiny posted the lovely video on her social media account, and her fans gushed over Monica as well.

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