Tiny Harris Asks Fans To Sign This Petition

Tiny Harris Asks Fans To Sign This Petition
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Tiny Harris had the best weekend and celebrated her birthday with family and friends. Now, she hopped on her social media account to ask fans to sign this petition.

'Sign petition against Lloyd’s Of London for REPARATIONS on behalf of “The Descendants” of African Slaves. 👑‼️✊🏽' Tiny posted.

The petition triggered a debate in the comments as you will see below.

Someone said: 'If they take DNA samples a lot of yall going to find out your descendants of Indians and not African.'

A follower posted this: 'Come on! These times were long ago & those people are dead now. How are you going to make them pay for those people's mistakes? You are not slaves or victims anymore.'

Someone else wrote: 'I’ve already signed, I would like for him to read what I have written. If all the companies who have been associated with slavery, who have profited from slavery, they should each be made to donate over 500,000,000 million dollars to a general fund. If this money can be distributed to all black families, this could be the beginning of reparations for black families in America. I did say the beginning of reparations for black families in America. Right now, they want to do things or change things in communities across the county. Do both. Give money to all black families and change things in communities across the country. To me, this would be reparations for us. If they do not do this, we cannot and will not ever get back what was taken from us. Basically, white people are rich, or at least have a better lifestyle because of our ancestors. Give us money as well as change things in all communities. This would be reparations for black America.'

A commenter posted the following message: 'Just asking and no shade or anything but do you think they are going to give every black person money? In all seriousness, I really want to know. Please don't come with hate at me cause none is in my heart I really honest and truly just want to know if anybody thinks this can/will happen. Thank you.'


Tiny Harris  made sure to offer her gratitude to people who organized her birthday party. It was a surprise and they managed to make Tiny’s day.

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