Tiger Woods Won't Let His Two Kids Visit Him In The Hospital - Here's Why!

Tiger Woods Won't Let His Two Kids Visit Him In The Hospital - Here's Why!
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According to some new reports, Tiger Woods is super excited to spend quality time with his kids, daughter Sam, 13, and son Charlie, 11, as soon as he's fully recovered and out of the hospital after his very scary car accident! However, he would rather not see them before then and here's why!

Apparently, the golfer does not want his kids to visit him in the hospital.

Following his emergency surgery, Tiger has been focusing on his recovery and he wants complete privacy while in the hospital.

One insider told HollywoodLife that 'Tiger has been in contact with his kids, but while he recovers, he is fine with them being with Elin in Florida. He feels like it would be way too dramatic for them to see their father hurt. He has reassured them that he is getting better each day and everything is going to be alright. Everyone is taking things day by day.'

Tiger Woods is well known for being super private about his personal life and family.

With that being said, he would hate for his young ones to be bombarded by the many paparazzi that have gathered outside Cedars-Sinai ever since he was transferred there for extensive recovery.

The insider went on to explain that 'He doesn’t want the kids to be around all the media coverage. He does not want the focus to be on his children and photos of them getting taken and all of that. Also, there's obvious concerns about them visiting the hospital amid COVID-19. Tiger wants his kids to just have a normal life as best as they can. When things settle and he is able leave the hospital, he will see his kids.'

Previously, Tiger took to his platform to thank everyone for all of their amazing support in the aftermath of the accident.

He wrote that 'It is hard to explain just how touching today was when I turned on the tv and saw all of the red shirts. To every golfer and fan, you're truly helping me get through this tough time.'

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