Tiger Woods' Wins His First Masters In 14 Years With His Troubled GF Erica Herman By His Side

Tiger Woods' Wins His First Masters In 14 Years With His Troubled GF Erica Herman By His Side
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This past weekend, Tiger Woods won his fifth green jacket at The Masters golf tournament, and his girlfriend, Erica Herman, was by his side the entire time. During the final round, Tiger wore his famous red shirt, and Herman matched the look with her own red shirt, plus some short shorts and a floppy black hat. And, she celebrated with Tiger as he walked off the 18th green while the crowd chanted his name.

But, just like her boyfriend , Herman has her own troubled history. The Florida native has past legal and financial issues, including being hit with a $450k lawsuit and a $20k tax lien, according to Radar Online . She also had a $27k judgment against her after a failed business venture, and when she couldn’t pay the bill, her wages were garnished.

After meeting Tiger when she managed his restaurant in Jupiter, Florida, Woods and Herman started dating, and insiders say he has been helping her get her finances in order. Woods is worth about $740 million, and it looks like he has taken on the role of being Herman’s sugar daddy.

Insiders say that Herman is a gold digger who loves to party, and they claim the 33-year-old has had her sights on Woods for nearly a decade.

“Erica’s been chasing Tiger around like a puppy for close to ten years,” says a source. “I’m not sure if his wife knew, but I’m not sure how she couldn’t know! I can’t believe Tiger’s out in public with her now.”

The insider claims that Herman has had a thing for Woods ever since he was married to Elin Nordegren - the mother of this two children - and before his 2009 sex scandal. A picture has surfaced of Herman with Woods at a golf tournament six years ago while she was promoting her restaurant, Aura.

She was also photographed with Woods last September at the US Open Tennis Tournament in New York and at the Presidents Cup golf championship in New Jersey.

At the Presidents Cup, Herman wore a “player spouse” credential, but the couple wasn’t publicly linked until February when she managed Tiger Woods' pop-up restaurant The Woods at the Genesis Open golf tournament in Los Angeles.

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