Barack Obama Says His Daughters Are 'Afraid Of Michelle' But They Always 'Mock' Him - 'I'm The Brunt Of Every Joke!'

The former POTUS opened up about his family dynamics during a new interview, even […]

Posted on Jul 2, 2021 10:32 AM

Barack Obama Says His Daughters' Generation Can Go Too Far With 'Cancel Culture' And Malia And Sasha Agree!

The former POTUS thinks that cancel culture can be a bit problematic at times […]

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Michelle Obama Says Her Daughters With Barack Obama Are Really Opinionated And They 'Love That!'

Michelle and Barack Obama have two daughters and they are both very intelligent and […]

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Sasha Obama Labeled As Official 'Hot Girl' Following Viral Thirst Trap Photo

Sasha Obama is apparently the new "Hot Girl" à la Megan Thee Stallion. […]

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Barack Obama Shares How His Daughters Curate His Year-End Playlists!

As you might know, every single year, Barack Obama makes a music playlist and […]

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Barack Obama Gushes Over Daughters Sasha And Malia Proudly For Getting Involved In The BLM Demonstrations!

During a new interview, former President Barack Obama gushed over his two daughters […]

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Barack Obama Jokes That His Younger Daughter Sasha Scares Him - She's A 'Mini Michelle!'

The former President of the United States opened up about his daughters, revealing […]

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Barack Obama Gushes Over His Daughters' Best Qualities!

Barack Obama is a family man more than anything else and always puts […]

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Barack Obama Says He Was Fired From Coaching Daughter Sasha’s School Basketball Team After Parents Complained!

Despite being the President, Barack Obama always made time to also be in […]

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Barack Obama Says He Was Determined To Always Put His Daughters First Due To Him Having An Absentee Father

As you might know, the former POTUS dedicated his memoir titled ‘A Promise […]

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