Sasha Obama Goes Viral On TikTok After She Posts Video Of Herself Rapping Along To City Girls' Track

Hot New Hip Hop reported today that Sasha Obama went viral on TikTok thanks […]

Posted on Oct 25, 2020 7:14 PM

Michelle Obama Admits That Her Daughters With Barack Are Sick Of Their Parents In Quarantine And The Feeling Is Mutual!

After spending the last few months cooped up with their parents because of the […]

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Michelle Obama Talks Making Life ‘Normal’ For Her And Barack's Daughters While Growing Up At The White House

During the newest episode of her podcast, the former First Lady, Michelle Obama opened […]

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Michelle Obama Raves About Barack Obama And His Love For Daughters Malia And Sasha On Father's Day!

Michelle Obama took to her social media to honor her husband, Barack, on Father’s […]

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Posted on Mar 24, 2020 10:48 PM

Michelle Obama Says That Her Marriage With Barack Has Been Much Better Since Their Daughters Left For College - Here's Why!

Michelle and Barack Obama seem to be enjoying their new life just by themselves […]

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Michelle Obama Talks Dropping Sasha Off To College And How Older Sister Malia Helped

Michelle Obama, just like most parents, felt really emotional when she had to see […]

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Sasha Obama Is Back In The Spotlight Thanks To This Stunning Photo And Michelle Obama's Emotional Story About Her First Day In College

Michelle Obama enjoyed a peaceful time with her family on Thanksgiving Day this year […]

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Malia Obama Pictured Handing Out Meals On Thanksgiving And She Looks Stunning While Giving Back!!

Malia Obama helped those less fortunate and looked radiant while doing it! The 21-year-old […]

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Sasha Obama To Start College At The University Of Michigan - Insider Details!

It looks like Barack and Michelle Obama’s younger daughter, Sasha is getting ready to […]

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