T.I. Has Fans Emotional With This Nipsey Hussle Video He Shared - Watch It Here

T.I. Has Fans Emotional With This Nipsey Hussle Video He Shared - Watch It Here
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T.I. shared a video featuring the late Nipsey Hussle that has his fans emotional. The late rapper has some pretty interesting things to say, and the video is worth watching. Check it out below.

'Can't lose ME to gain ANYTHING‼️ Neither should YOU...#FreeGame👑 #TMC' Tip captioned his post.

Someone praised Tip and said that 'God called Nip home but left u. Gotta be thankful for dat at least.'

One follower said: 'Damn SMH My man Nip was something special 🤦🏾‍♂️ RIP.'

Someone else wrote: 'I'll die before I conform cause I gotta be happy with me and the decisions that I choose to make. You gotta stay true to you. Folks will respect you for knowing who you are. They are selling their souls.'

Someone said: 'Salute TIP. Thx for sharing. NIP was a visionary. Truly. May we be people of action and solution and not get caught up in the magnetic 🧲 negative forces that so easily distract from the reality of our respective greatness Kings & Queens.'

One follower said that 'the bible talks about this too. What does it profit a Man to gain the world and lose his soul.'

An Instagrammer said: 'Man...We really lost a man with so much knowledge and wisdom.'

Someone else posted this: 'It doesn't matter if we didn't follow his every move or knew everything about him, but I sure hate we lost this man. One of the few, who actually had his head on right. I would've been a great leader for the youth. Ppl with a past usually has the most knowledge. R.I.P N.Hussle.'

In other news, Tip made fans excited with one of his latest announcements that he posted on his social media account.

It seems that he’ll have an event in Miami this Saturday , and fans can meet him there.

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