T.I. Gushes Over Amber Ruffin - Check Out The Video He Shared

T.I. Gushes Over Amber Ruffin - Check Out The Video He Shared
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T.I. gushed over Amber Ruffin on her show. Check out the video that Tip shared on his social media account to make a point.

Someone said: 'It's cool, we just gon call him Senator PUR-DONT!!!'

A follower posted this: 'She’s 100% right. And applies to mispronunciations of Chinese, Korean, Tongan, Native American...and the list goes on! Also, the name Kamala is of Indian origin coming from Sanskrit, and translates in English to “Lotus Flower”.'

A commenter said: 'Why she says we got off slaves ships this our land we been here,' and someone else posted: 'Beautifully spoken my dear.. from yours truly, Keisha! 🖤✊🏾👑🔥‼️🙏🏾'

A follower said: 'Sounds a little better than what you've called trump.' Finally!!’ I keep saying, our names are unique to us!! How come (even some of ours) some people always have something to say about the SHANIQUAS AND DEVARIONTES?!! It makes no sense bc EVERY other race gets to have unique names but us... ??🤔smh. The slave mentality and brutality are real.'

A commenter posted this: 'Joe Biden has literally pronounced her name wrong multiple times 😂😂', and someone else said: 'Just disrespectful. He got some nerve considering he is named after a chicken.'

A commenter said: 'They know how to say it they just don't respect us in the way to give a care about how they say it.'

A follower posted: 'I get it; the guy knows Kamala. But in all truth, no one can ever pronounce my name Yajaira. And I know most of the reason for that isn’t just due to racism. Some names are just hard to pronounce but Kamala isn’t that hard. People let’s not fall into this propaganda these people want to continue a race war and division in this country. Unity scares them; no one can go at war with a nation divided. Let’s be wiser and weed out the bitterness and reconstruct with unity. Hear why? A big majority of Caucasian’s hate minorities? And educate them on their ignorance. Sadly, some people need to be taught and educated on their racist bs. We need to heal and build each other up! There are too many things besides racism, trying to destroy us.'


In other recent news, T.I. shared a terrifying post on his social media account that has fans talking in the comments.

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