Summer Walker's Show In Toronto Was Delayed Due To Complications Involving Equipment

Summer Walker's Show In Toronto Was Delayed Due To Complications Involving Equipment
Credit: BET

It's been reported that Summer Walker's fans in Toronto were hit by a massive disappointment when she was late for the show a few hours. They took to social media to express their disappointment, but it seems that things are not quite what they seemed.

The Shade Room knows more details on the subject.

TSR revealed that 'Many fans took to Twitter to express their frustration, as the concert was apparently delayed for a few hours. Some even accused Summer of ditching the beginning of her show to hang out with Drake.'

TSR also revealed the fact that 'Summer says that's not the case at all! She exclusively tells us her concert delay was due to her equipment being stuck at the U.S-Canadian border. She also says her team did not make her aware of any complications, and she got on stage when she was told.'

Anyway, apart from this delay, Summer had an awesome performance and fans simply adored her.

Someone commented: 'She needs new management all these headlines overshadowing her talent.'

A follower said: 'She’s another Lauren Hill to me for some reason,' while someone else posted this: 'Welp that’s why I’m not going to her concerts I’ll listen to everything on the internet I’m not wasting any money especially if I saw how the last one went.'

One other follower posted: 'That’s not what ppl saying, they said she was out site seeing and having a grand ole time while ppl waited in the cold for her.'

Just the other day, Summer decided to share a few pics from backstage at her concert in Toronto.

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