Sharon Osbourne Reveals New Facelift On The Talk

Sharon Osbourne Reveals New Facelift On The Talk
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According to a report from Page Six, Sharon Osbourne recently revealed her new face to the world following a plastic surgery operation. The star appeared on the 10th Season premiere of The Talk sporting her new appearence.

The 66-year-old stated that she got her "neck" and "jowls" done around five weeks prior. Osbourne said to the other women on the panel that they "pulled it from the top of my head," adding that everything was "lifted up."

According to the television show co-host, everything about her face now looks a lot more "refreshed." Marie Osmond, who just started on the show, praised Sharon's new look. Marie recently replaced Sara Gilbert, who had her final episode not long ago.

Osmond said to the wife of Ozzy Osbourne that she "looks incredible," especially considering the surgery was merely five weeks ago. Sharon added that she's still recovering from the operation, but refuses to talk about the pain.

Osbourne said to the other women on the show that there was a bit of pain underneath the chin, however, you can't complain about the pain of something when you voluntarily agreed to do something. It was reported earlier this month by Bridget Hill that Sharon joined her husband, Ozzy, in recovering from different operations.

Reported originally by KKLZ Music News, the outlet confirmed that the legendary singer of Black Sabbath had to postpone all of his tour dates in 2019 due to health complications. However, his son, Jack Osbourne, later stated that his father was back to his usual self.

In an interview with People Magazine, while advertising his brand new television series, Portals to Hell, the son of Ozzy said that his father was doing well, and he could tell because Ozzy was back to his typical "cynical" self.

According to Jack, you can tell Ozzy is himself again when he continuously complains about seemingly innocuous things around the house. Ozzy was hospitalized due to several staph infections.

Moreover, he was also hospitalized for influenza and ended up getting pneumonia. Following his exit from the hospital, medical professionals told the Black Sabbath frontman that he would need to stay home for at least a month-and-a-half.

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