Shane Dawson Interviews Eugenia Cooney, Talks Eating Disorders, Recovery And Cyberbullying — Watch Viral Video

Shane Dawson Interviews Eugenia Cooney, Talks Eating Disorders, Recovery And Cyberbullying — Watch Viral Video
Credit: Source: Shane Dawson/YouTube

Shane Dawson is back with an incredible video. For his newest interview, he is speaking to fellow Youtuber Eugenia Cooney. You may remember Eugenia as she became the subject of widespread talk from those who grew concerned she was suffering from an eating disorder. Eugenia is back and is bravely speaking to Shane at her own pace, and on her own terms, about her battle with an eating disorder. She explains that she struggled to have a positive, self-image and how being in the public spotlight caused her to lose sight of her own health. There is no question about what Eugenia is saying — the cyberbullying she received while having a YouTube channel with over 1 million subscribers only made her battle against eating disorders worse.

Eugenia is fighting for her health and she and Shane made it clear that when anyone is suffering a battle, especially one in public, it is words offered in compassion, support, and love that are the most helpful. While Eugenia was at her lowest weights, she often received negative remarks from viewers suggesting terrible things, even saying that she should kill herself.

This type of cyberbullying is destructive and harmful and never produces a positive result.

Since Shane Dawson aired his interview with Eugenia, not only has it gone viral, but thousands upon thousands have responded offering words of love, support, and encouragement to Eugenia.

Before Eugenia's interview with Shane Dawson, Eugenia had uploaded her last video on January 28, 2019. You may see that video below.

Eugenia has taken a long break from YouTube and has been focusing on her health. She is now back on YouTube and will be streaming again. This is an important reminder to people that when someone is dealing with a health issue, it is always best to walk in kindness, compassion, and empathy.

Eugenia has made a great deal of progress and is in a very good place. She is happy and healthy and strong.

You may see Eugenia open up and share her story to Shane Dawson, as well as see her recovery and progress in the video player below.

As millions worldwide are happy to see Eugenia's progress, let it be a reminder that words have power. Even when they are spoken online by keyboard warriors who hide their real identities, words can hurt and have life and death results.

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