Scottsdale Mayor Releases Statement Indirectly Addressing Floyd Mayweather Social Distancing Controversy

Scottsdale Mayor Releases Statement Indirectly Addressing Floyd Mayweather Social Distancing Controversy
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Earlier this week, Floyd Mayweather was spotted hanging out with his crew in a Scottsdale, Arizona, nightclub , without a mask and also not practicing social distancing either.

Hot New Hip Hop reported today that the mayor of Scottsdale, Jim Lane, issued a response to the footage featuring partygoers and the notorious boxer. When the video went viral, Jim Lane dropped a statement in which he urged residents to take the social distancing guidelines to heart.

Doug Ducey, the Arizona governor, did allow for some businesses to reopen a few weeks back, however, he emphasized the importance for people to follow strict social distancing guidelines. Apparently, the nightclub in question wasn't following them.

When TMZ reached out to Lane for comment on Mayweather, the mayor said it was crucial for people to follow the social distancing guidelines, but he never mentioned Floyd Mayweather directly. Lane said to TMZ that the images and footage from Old Town Scottsdale over the weekend was "disturbing," and also shows a "lack of common sense."

As it was previously reported, Floyd Mayweather was spotted out in a Scottsdale nightclub earlier this week. It looked like the nightclub was packed with people despite the strict social distancing guidelines set in place from the government.

Floyd Mayweather never officially responded to the social media users who commented, however, the reaction was ultimately mixed. Some people on the platform said that it wasn't anyone's business whether Floyd was in the nightclub or not, while others claimed he was acting as if the rules didn't apply to him because of his celebrity status.

Regardless, this wouldn't be the first time governments have struggled to keep people away from each other. Over the last few weeks, bloc parties raged which reportedly involved thousands of people hanging out in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Other celebrities have chosen a different approach to the COVID-19 pandemic than Floyd Mayweather. For instance, when the pandemic first kicked off, Kylie Jenner took to her social media to urge followers to stay at home and practice social distancing.

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