Rita Wilson Depicts Her Breast Cancer Battle In New Music Video 'Throw Me a Party' – Watch It Here

Rita Wilson Depicts Her Breast Cancer Battle In New Music Video 'Throw Me a Party' – Watch It Here
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Rita Wilson has debuted a new song and music video, 'Throw Me a Party' which depicts her battle with breast cancer and leaves fans an emotional mess.

The ballad is beautiful but touches on a real, heartbreaking journey for Wilson and her husband, Tom Hanks. It is a song all about what she wanted her husband of almost 30-years to do if her battle with breast cancer had turned out differently.

"When we didn't know how things would turn out, we had very deep and serious discussions about a lot of stuff. One of the things I told Tom was that If I should go before him, I wanted him to be sad for a very long time and that I wanted a party, a celebration. I wanted music and my family and friends singing and dancing. I wanted fireworks and sparklers. There is a time for tears. And a time to celebrate," Wilson explained to People magazine.

Their conversation is one people dread but need to have, especially those facing severe illness. Instead of keeping her wishes to herself, Wilson turned it into a song in the hopes it will inspire others.

Thankfully the actress is thriving and has been in remission. However, her intimal diagnosis is what inspired her current album., as well as the uncertainty of what the future held as she battled breast cancer.

Halfway to Home is set to drop on Friday, which is the same day Wilson will receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It is fitting the two coincide because as the Sleepless In Seattle star shared, she chose her new album name based on the theory people are always a work in progress.

It is a notion she knows first-hand after her battling breast cancer. Plus, Wilson pointed out to People magazine, "even on the bad days you can find something good." Words for everyone to live by.

Rita Wilson took a tough conversation, a life-struggle, and her deepest wish and turned it into a beautiful ballad. 'Throw Me a Party' is what she asked her husband, Tom Hanks to do if she had lost her fight against breast cancer. The video is so emotional, as are the words that ring oh so true. Grab some tissues when you watch because the song and video are a tear jerker.

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