Reba McEntire Blew Out Fancy At The CMA Awards And The Internet Is Still Shook — Watch Show Stopping Video

Reba McEntire Blew Out Fancy At The CMA Awards And The Internet Is Still Shook — Watch Show Stopping Video
Credit: Source: Reba McEntire/CMA Awards/Vevo

Reba McEntire co-hosted the CMA Awards but it wasn't something the vivacious 64-year-old stunning redhead singer said that has her going viral. Reba performed her 1990 classic hit "Fancy" and the show-stopping performance is still being talked about.

The song has pulled at people's heartstrings since Reba first released it on her album Rumor Has It . It's about a young woman who when she turned 18, her poverty-stricken mother bought her a fancy dress and set her off to a world of prostitution for survival.

The song's chorus admonishes the young girl named "Fancy" to take advantage of her one chance to impress her clients. Fancy moved on to become a high-class call girl who lives a wealthy lifestyle based on the money she earned as a prostitute.

It's one of Reba's most popular songs and when she shifted from CMA Awards co-host to performer the audience went crazy!

You may see a video of Reba McEntire performing "Fancy" at the 2019 CMA Awards in the video player below.

When Reba McEntire took the stage she looked gorgeous with her signature red hair against a backdrop of purple and white lights. She wore a purple satin dress with white, ostrich feather sleeves.

Reba started to sing the song and when she got to the part about her mother buying Fancy an expensive, red-satin, velvet-trimmed dress, Reba peeled off the purple garment and revealed a red dress underneath.

The audience went wild and truly connected to Reba's performance and the lyrics of the song.

Reba then rocked out the song in a red, satin dress that had an inert with purple glitter. Reba belted out the chorus.

"She said here's your one chance Fancy don't let me down
Here's your one chance Fancy don't let me down
Lord forgive me for what I do, but if you want out
Well it's up to you
Now don't let me down you better start movin' uptown."

Reba had one final costume change that was a strappy, red glitter pantsuit that had chains draped from the bodice.

Did you watch the CMA Awards? What did you think of Reba McEntire's live performance of "Fancy?"

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