Rasheeda Frost's Fans Tell Her That She Needs To Become A Stylist

Rasheeda Frost's Fans Tell Her That She Needs To Become A Stylist
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Rasheeda Frost has been posting some new videos from her Pressed boutique, showing off some new items for her fans. A lot of followers are telling her that she definitely needs to become a stylist.

Fans love the fact that she advertises her own clothing items from Pressed.

More than that, they are also happy that they have the chance to meet her at the store when they go there.

Somoene told Rasheeda: 'I love your style and the way you dress. You need to become a stylist because a lot of folks in the atl need to have you style them.'

One follower said: 'I'm pulling up tomorrow while in the A!! 🤗 Can't wait to see what new pieces you have!'

A fan posted: 'I thinking my daughter would love ur wardrobe teenager 😂'

One other commenter shared: 'Trying to get with Kurt @rasheeda on some new music 🎶'

Someone posted: 'I love you. Ms. Rasheeda. I wish been there to help you .someday I will come to the ATLANTA to you and your business and spend some money in your store.'

A fan also had a message for Rasheeda: 'What's ur online address I'm coming to visit my sister in Marietta next month I will be to shop with u my li sis gotta give a real and a play lol! Faith n favor!'

Just the other day, Rasheeda posted a video which shows a part of her morning workout and they admire her for the way in which she’s struggling.

Not too long ago, she also shared with her fans and followers her secret for having a gorgeous body.

Besides working out like crazy, she’s also  using some weight loss products  that she’s been promoting on social media.

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