Phaedra Parks' Latest Post Triggers A Debate In The Comments

Phaedra Parks' Latest Post Triggers A Debate In The Comments
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Phaedra Parks shared a post on her social media account that manage to have fans arguing in the comments. Check out her post on IG below.

Someone said: 'Please don’t call the cops when you have an emergency next time, remember the time that you were on the phone with the police when your ex-husband looked like he was about to attack you.'

Phaedra responded with: '@rebrob16 this has nothing to do with calling the police but since I pay taxes and live in the highest taxed district they work for me so when and if I do call I expect them to do their job and if they commit a crime they should be held accountable just like everyone else.'

The commenter said: 'really you want them to do their job how about you doing your Job as a citizen of this great nation and don’t call all cops bad because of few bad ones, just as there are bad attorneys who charge people thousands of dolors but they don’t represent them! Do we call all attorneys bad because of some crooks! As a so-called Christian you should know that slavery and injustice has been part of human culture from the beginning of the time .'

Someone told Phaedra: 'don’t reply sis they just don’t understand that it’s different when we call the cops vs when the cops just come and kill us and we aren’t saying all cops are bad just like people say black peoples are thugs hood and all those things, but not all of us are.✊🏽😘'

Another person said: 'I say anyone who breaks the law needs to be handled quickly. I don't care what your title is or isn't.'


In other news, Phaedra Parks made her fans excited the other day with an announcement that she shared on her social media account.

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