Pamela Anderson - Here's What Her Son Brandon Thinks Of Her Marrying Jon Peters!

Pamela Anderson - Here's What Her Son Brandon Thinks Of Her Marrying Jon Peters!
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You may have heard the news that Pamela Anderson and film producer Jon Peters took their longtime friendship to a whole new level and actually got married! The unexpected news really caught a lot of people by surprise!

However, fans are also wondering how her son, Brandon Lee, feels about his mother’s new marriage!

That being said, one insider tells HollywoodLife what he thinks of Pamela walking down the aisle again.

Apparently, ‘Brandon is extremely happy for his mom. He doesn’t imagine that Jon is going to be a father figure to him but he respects Jon as an important man in his mom’s life. He loves his mom more than anything in the world and he loves seeing that Jon has cared for her for decades and only hopes that the both of them have a wonderful life with each other.’

They went on to add that ‘He is very happy for his mom and he sees that Jon loves her very much and that she is happy. And Brandon is very happy about all of that has happened and is on board with the marriage.’

The famous actress and her new man tied the knot in an intimate ceremony on January 20, in Malibu!

The newlyweds actually have some history together that goes back no less than three decades ago when the two dated for a bit.

Well, it seems like if it’s meant to be, people can marry each other even after 30 years!

The same source also dished on how Brandon’s father, Tommy Lee feels about his ex wife remarrying.

‘Tommy is happy for Pamela even if they have their differences. Tommy has been able to move on with his life so he feels like Pam should have that same opportunity and hopes that she's happy and has exactly the life she wants,’ the insider dished to the same news outlet.


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