NeNe Leakes Talks About The Lack Of Gratitude Some People Show

NeNe Leakes Talks About The Lack Of Gratitude Some People Show
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NeNe Leakes addressed the lack of gratitude that some people are showing. Of course, her fans started debating the issue in the comments and brought up all kinds of women in the comments.

Check out NeNe's exact message below.

A follower talked about Cynthia Bailey and said: 'If it weren’t for you, Cynthia would not even be on the show she has a lot of nerve.'

One follower said: 'ALSO...somebody can pay a man to act like he’s in a relationship with you and they can have a baby at 50 yet talk down on the next woman because she’s having fertility issues and is happy in her relationship.😒'

A hater told NeNe: 'Bye NeNe cry me a river, some times you don’t have to say what you did for someone.'

Someone else said: 'Don't feed into attention seekers 😂You just blessed their whole life by responding.'

That’s why we should do good to others without expectations. Just be good, for good’s sake,😎not for/because of them.

A commenter believes that 'people get an opportunity and quickly forget how they got it and just like people can't disagree with a comment on a post as if it's their word or nothing at all, if that's the case, why comment or post and if you have a bunch of people around you ungrateful and or bothered 🗣let them have it and then be done with them and it and for those that don't like Nene anymore for whatever the reason, leave her alone, don't deal with her😒'

One other follower told NeNe that 'Some friendships u need to let go. It's not worth your peace.'

NeNe's diehard fans were really upset when she has not been featured on RHOA lately, but they celebrated the fact that this Sunday, NeNe was also on the show .

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