NeNe Leakes Poses With Famous Lawyer Lisa Bloom And Fans Have Her Back

NeNe Leakes Poses With Famous Lawyer Lisa Bloom And Fans Have Her Back
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NeNe Leakes shocked fans not too long ago when the RHOA star shared that the famous lawyer Lisa Bloom is a part of her team. Now NeNe shared a photo featuring Lisa, and fans say that they are offering her total support no matter what.

Rumors claimed that NeNe plans to sue RHOA, but this has not been confirmed so far.

'The things people do and shouldn’t do @lisabloomesq #wecomingforyou,' NeNe captioned her post.

Someone said: '#teamNeNe🙏❤️💪😇 ppl saying they're in their 20's they need someone to relate? #GurlBye👠👠 These rhoa ladies are married career/self-made strong independent rhoa ladies. Bravo'$ turning this show into fight night. Shame on Bravo and so,-called fans Y'all not seeing 👁👁 this bullsh*t.'

A commenter said: 'I hope it’s not something petty. I’m rooting for you 🤷🏽‍♀️' and one other fan posted this: 'NeNe give Lisa a wig from your collections. Her looks like Kim’s from the old days.'

One other commenter said: 'Keep moving forward Nene...nothing wrong with watching ur own back...' and someone else who did not agree with what NeNe is doing posted this: 'Disgusting! Stop threatening people! It will come right back to you! Trust me.'

A follower said: 'Let see how fast they start cleaning they bs up now lol @neneleakes put some RESPECT on yo name!!!' and someone else wrote: 'Yes Sweetie, I KNOW you’re up to something BIG 😉 I feel it in my bones 🦴 @neneleakes ❤️'

It's been recently revealed that the latest rumors claim that NeNe might leave the Real Housewives of Atlanta sooner than later amid her drama with Kenya Moore.

It turns out that NeNe is still ‘very undecided’ about coming back for the show’s 13th season or not.

Her fans have said more than once that if NeNe leaves the show, they will stop watching.

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  • Jersey girl
    Jersey girl Feb 20, 2020 10:45 AM PST

    NaNe has turned into a jealous bully, eßpecially if you aren't on her side, at her side 24/7. I stopped watching when she had her nose made. Smaller. I watched because she was real and her natural self. She looks nothing like the day she started RHOA. She was funny, amazing, loveable, and so real. Now, she's basically fake, inside and out. You make people think they can't live without you. Everybody is replaceable. You have to stop threatening producers and bosses, and people in general. It WILL bite you in the bums, eventually. PS, Kenya, Porsche, Kandi, Cynthia, along with the others, CAN, keep RHOA on top, without you. No one is better than the other. Hoped you stayed the original NaNe. She was the bomb!! She was great.!! From: Jersey girl

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