NeNe Leakes Is Awarded 'Woman of Achievement Award' For Her Work As An Advocate And Caretaker - Fans Are Proud Of Her

NeNe Leakes Is Awarded 'Woman of Achievement Award' For Her Work As An Advocate And Caretaker - Fans Are Proud Of Her
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NeNe Leakes was proud to announce her fans that she was awarded the 'Woman of Achievement Award' for her work as a cancer advocate. She shared a few pics and videos on her social media account to document the evening for her fans and followers.

NeNe has been taking care of her husband Gregg Leakes since he was diagnosed with colon cancer last year, and even if they have been fighting during this rough period, the couple stayed together.

'I was honored yesterday in Beverly Hills with the “Woman of Achievement Award” presented to me by The Associates for Breast and Prostate Cancer and John Wayne Cancer Institute for my work as an advocate and a caretaker! I am and was honored to be recognized by those who truly care and understand the impact this disease has on families #fuckcancer,' NeNe captioned one of her videos .

She shared another video and she captioned it with 'Honored with the “Woman If Achievement Award By John Wayne Cancer Institute! Thank you! See the rest of this video on my YouTube channel The Life Of Nene.'

NeNe's fans were proud of her and they made sure to tell her this on her social media account.

A fan told NeNe 'I only heard a portion of your speech. Wish I heard the whole thing. So thankful you’ve shared your struggles on the show. I am a 55yr old woman living with cancer. Next week marks 2 yrs straight chemo. I keep on keeping on, with a smile on my face. I don’t like the alternative. Never followed a celebrity before, but your truth and rawness resonate with me. I met Camille grammar at a 5k for gynecological cancer in DC 2 yrs ago, and she, a survivor doesn’t even use the show to talk about it. Thanks for your honesty and sharing your story. My heart knows your pain, from my husbands perspective. If you don’t mind, I’m going to send you in dm, a copy of my FB letter to him every year since diagnosis. I think it will give you some insight. The same pain I see on his face, I see on yours. Tbh, I wasn’t a fan before..but I am now. Please keep advocating and sharing. You have a great platform to help soo many people❤️'

Someone else said 'You're amazing Nene, was a true believer of you right from the get-go. You're awesome.'

Another follower said 'Live in your truth and shine with your light!!! Blessed, Favored, a Queen👸🏽💛💛'

Congratulations, NeNe, for this important achievement.

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