NeNe Leakes Celebrates Pride Month And Fans Offer Their Gratitude

NeNe Leakes Celebrates Pride Month And Fans Offer Their Gratitude
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NeNe Leakes is celebrating Pride Month and she shared a bunch of pics on her social media account. Fans are praising her beauty and the fact that she is showing support for this community.

Check out the post that triggered fans' appreciation for NeNe :

'Celebrating Prideeeeeee @2gifted.hands was showing out wit pink ponytails 😂' NeNe captioned her post.

Someone said: 'Keep this look Nene!' and one other follower shared their gratitude: 'Thank you for standing up for your people on your huge platform! We love our strong MELANATED sistas!'

Another commenter said: 'Hair was amazing. Keep the color please,' and someone else posted this: 'Nene - you are beautiful! You are just lovely!'

A follower said: 'That makeup tho Sis! Yaaas he did those pink ponytails and all,' and one person said: 'Please keep him on the makeup, you look absolutely amazing.'

One other fan posted: 'Just beautiful you can see in your beautiful smile God is shining down on you God bless.'

Somoene else said: '@neneleakes I know you’re a germaphobe like I am so I would be tripping that he had a shield on but not a face mask with the virus being airborne and all.'

A commenter shared that 'I got those same face shield from Etsy they are wonderful if you have problems with a mask,' and another follower said: 'He did an awesome job!! Totally what makeup is 'suppose' to do...enhance your beauty! Yes #Hunni...he did that!'

Someone else raised awareness about something related to Breonna Taylor: 'Louisville has decided to boycott Kentucky Derby due to no arrest for Breonna Taylor Spread the word @neneleakes.'

In other news, just the other day, NeNe told fans that she now has her very own studio !

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