Mo'Nique's Discrimination Lawsuit Against Netflix Permitted By Judge

Mo'Nique's Discrimination Lawsuit Against Netflix Permitted By Judge
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Mo'Nique's discrimination case against Netflix has been allowed to proceed, Page Six has learned today. The actress has reportedly sued the streaming juggernauts for racial and gender bias.

According to the actress and her legal team, she was offered just $500,000 for her comedy stand up routine , and they've argued that it was not only insulting but also illegal. Mo'Nique's team compared her own pay to Amy Schumer's in which she received $13,000,000.

The lawsuit filed cited other figures who were paid high amounts for their specials, including Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Ellen DeGeneres, and Ricky Gervais. The suit also says Netflix didn't try and counter her demands when she asked for more money.

They simply moved on and then "blacklisted" her from the industry. Netflix argued that Mo'Nique's claim was simply "nonsensical" because not only was their initial offer fair, but the lawsuit would set a legal precedent.

On Thursday, Judge Andre Birotte Junior rejected Netflix's proposal. The court argued that Netflix did in fact shut down continued dealings and negotiations which they would normally do with other stand-up comedians and artists.

The judge's decision also referred to the case of Schumer, who was able to get her offer increased to $13 million in comparison to other stars such as Dave Chappelle. Chappelle and Chris Rock were paid $60 million and $40 million for their specials , respectively.

Mo'Nique's lawyer nor did Netflix's attorney respond to requests for comment. Page Six reported, however, that during a brief conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Mo'Nique's team claimed yesterday's decision was an important case for Hollywood workers and other employees who seek to protect themselves against retaliation, especially in cases where there may be pay discrimination.

As most know, this wouldn't be the first time Mo'Nique has complained of being discriminated against. In the past, the actress said she was blackballed in Hollywood following her Academy Award win.


Since then, the comedian has been fighting against what she perceives as anti-black and anti-women sentiment in the entertainment industry.

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