LaLa Kent And Randall Emmett Announce Their Official Wedding Date Following Embarrassing 50 Cent Feud

LaLa Kent And Randall Emmett Announce Their Official Wedding Date Following Embarrassing 50 Cent Feud
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According to a report from EOnline, LaLa Kent and Randall Emmett are still getting married following the producer's feud with Curtis Jackson, most commonly known as 50 Cent. Randall and Lala recently set the official wedding date, and they celebrated the news on social media.

The 29-year-old star of Vanderpump Rules revealed the announcement on her Instagram Story this past Tuesday. It featured a video of her alongside her much-older fiancé. The star said in the video that she would be busy on the 18th of April because that's the official date of her upcoming nuptials.

Interestingly, La La actually announced the engagement officially in September of last year. As it was previously reported, Randall and 50 Cent had been feuding over the last week.

50 Cent was coming after Randall because he supposedly loaned him a massive amount of money: $1,000,000. In spite of debt to 50 Cent of a million dollars, Randall supposedly went out and bought La La Kent a brand new Range Rover.

Among the former rapper's posts, 50 Cent included one in which Lala was talking with Stassi Schroeder about how she slept with Randall on the first date, and he went out and bought her a brand new Range Rover as a gift for putting out.

Later, 50 Cent demanded Randall pay him back by Monday of this past week. However, a day after, he tweeted that the producer actually did cough up the money and he wished the couple the best. Approximately a day later, LaLa deleted all of the images of her with Randall from her social media, prompting rumors of a breakup.

A source who spoke with the outlet claimed Randall was really stressed out about owing 50 Cent money. Their relationship was "definitely tense because of it," adding they have since moved on and things are better now.

Moreover, the source added they would never split up because of something as petty as a social media squabble with a retired rapper. Randall and 50 Cent worked together on the set of Starz' very successful series, Power.

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