La La And Carmelo Anthony: Their Separation Reportedly Helped Them In The Long Run - Details!

La La And Carmelo Anthony: Their Separation Reportedly Helped Them In The Long Run - Details!
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Fans of the couple have been wondering what made them reunite and why now! Apparently, La La and Carmelo’s time broken up helped them a lot in the end.

As you may know, the two are back together, and the actress took to social media yesterday to confirm it with a sweet post.

Now, one source tells HollywoodLife that it was the distance between them that ultimately strengthened their bond.

‘With Carmelo away from the NBA for the last few months, he realized a really important thing. — He was missing with La La. He'd be the first to tell anyone there were times he just took her for granted,’ the insider explained.

They went on to admit that because Melo would focus on his career all the time and also change teams all the time in order to be in Houston, things were not the best between him and La La.

But in the meantime, that has completely changed.

Ever since Carmelo played his last game with the Rockets back in November, he has been reflecting on his marriage.

Even though he has been getting a lot of offers, he is yet to play another game since that one.

‘Now that he has plenty of more time to put on focusing on her and his family, it has paid tremendously. They were always there for one another, even throughout their separation — but now, they finally realize how special they truly are together and for each other.’

Apparently, it feels like they fell in love with each other all over again and that is really exciting.

Melo and La La previously announced their split back in April of 2017 but did not file for divorce. And good thing they didn’t!

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