Convicted Murderer's Family Blames Morgan Freeman For The Death Of His Granddaughter

Convicted Murderer's Family Blames Morgan Freeman For The Death Of His Granddaughter
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The person who murdered Morgan Freeman's granddaughter, E'Dena Hines, was sentenced in an emotional hearing recently. The bizarre court case featured the family of the alleged perpetrator accusing Morgan Freeman of being partially responsible for the attack.

In a report from Page Six, Justice Ellen Bien sentenced Lamar Davenport to 20-years in prison for murdering the young girl, but Davenport's mother yelled that it was Morgan Freeman's fault that his granddaughter, Hines, had passed away.

The woman in court yelled that Freeman allegedly abused E'Dena when she was just a young girl. Davenport's mom yelled, "Morgan Freeman molested her and he caused this!" in the middle of the courtroom while security ushered her out in front of reporters.

The woman screamed in defense of her son: "he's innocent, it was an accident!" During the murder trial in the Manhattan Supreme Court, the case was made by the defense that Freeman had a relationship with his granddaughter at one point, allegations with Morgan vociferously denied.

On the 16th of August, 2015, E'Dena Hines was stabbed more than 25 times on West 162 Street in New York City. Supposedly, the man slaughtered her in a PCP-influenced rage, seen by the neighbors and people passing by.

The man was charged with just manslaughter due to his state of mind at the time, however, in court, Davenport and his family chose to waive a jury trial, leaving his fate entirely up to the Justice, Biben. This is very bad news for Mr. Freeman, who was recently accused of sexual misconduct as well.

However, allegations of misconduct were far more mild, including inappropriate jokes and flirting with women on the set. Putting those accusations aside, it isn't clear what motivated Davenport's mother to yell such obscenities in court, but more reports will likely come out at a later date.

As most know, this is just one of many allegations to come out against men in Hollywood. Kevin Spacey was just arraigned in court due to felony sexual assault for a July 2016 incident. Harvey Weinstein is also awaiting a court trial.

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