Kamala Harris Insists That 'You Don’t Meet Hate With Hate' While Discussing The Deep Divide In America

Kamala Harris Insists That 'You Don’t Meet Hate With Hate' While Discussing The Deep Divide In America
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With only a few days left before Vice President-elect Kamala Harris and President-elect Joe Biden are set to take over the highest office in the country, she appeared on not one, but two Vogue covers! Not only that but she also had some very important things to say, now more than ever after what happened at the US Capitol and she shared them via the publication.

The main point she wanted to make was that it's time the deep divide between America's citizens would end.

'At the risk of oversimplifying it, you do not meet hate with hate. You do not meet one line of division with another line of division. We believe that the vast majority of the American people do not agree with that approach, do not accept it, and do not like it,' she argued.

One of the covers showed Kamala in her element, wearing her favorite type of shoes - Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers, something she previously revealed on Deus and Mero last year.

'It’s either [Converse] Chucks or heels. Always has been,' she confessed on the talk show at the time.

And this isn't the first time she rocks Converse - in reality, her choice of footwear caused quite the viral stir during the campaign so she obviously thought it would be a great idea to show them off on the cover of Vogue as well..

The shoes were paired with a Donald Deal jacket and a pair of black skinny pants.

As for the other cover, it shows 'Madame Vice President' in a powder blue suit, looking confident and poised.

Kamala Harris made history as the very first Black person, person of Indian descent and first woman to become a Vice-President of the United States.

About this, she previously stated in part that 'I may be the first to do many things—make sure I’m not the last…I was thinking of my baby nieces, who will only know one world where a woman is vice-president of the United States, a woman of color, a Black woman, woman with parents born outside of the United States.'

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