Josh Brolin Joins The Ranks Of People Like Joe Rogan Who Have Fled Los Angeles

Josh Brolin Joins The Ranks Of People Like Joe Rogan Who Have Fled Los Angeles
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Another celebrity is leaving Los Angeles, Page Six reported today. The outlet claimed earlier this morning that Josh Brolin , among other celebrities in California, has reportedly left the city amid the coronavirus pandemic which has led to massive changes and regulations in the area.

It was reported that the Deadpool 2 actor joined the ranks of public figures such as Joe Rogan , Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Chris Hemsworth, and more, who have all fled to various parts of the country, with some of them even leaving the nation altogether like Chris Hemsworth.

As most know, Joe Rogan's flee to Texas has perhaps been the most reported on in the news media, especially after it was revealed that Joe made over $100,000,000 with Spotify and their licensing deal to air his podcast.

According to Page Six, Josh Brolin and his wife, on the other hand, Kathryn Boyd, sold their $6.55 million home and have bought another two properties on different sides of the country.

Currently, the couple owns a $3.55 million property in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as another $1.1 million home in the Simi Valley which is around 40 miles away from Los Angeles. The Dirt was the first to report the news.

As it was noted above, the talk of leaving Los Angeles first hit the headlines when Joe Rogan, the host of one of the most popular podcasts in the United States and the world, announced he was bailing on the entire state and opting for Texas instead.

Other comedians have done the same thing, including people like Theo Von and Joey Diaz. It has become somewhat of a meme on the internet for users to poke fun at the state of California for what many have described as being a breeding ground of violence, government mismanagement, wildfires , earthquakes, and extremely high taxes.


For instance, Tim Dillon, a frequent guest on The Joe Rogan Experience program, joked about the many reasons for leaving Los Angeles and the greater state of California on one of the recent episodes of his podcast.

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