Jordyn Woods Opens Up About Her Fitness Journey And Reveals Her Favorite 'Guilty Pleasure' Snack!

Jordyn Woods Opens Up About Her Fitness Journey And Reveals Her Favorite 'Guilty Pleasure' Snack!
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During a new interview for HollywoodLife, Jordyn Woods opened up about her fitness journey and healthy lifestyle in general. The model also explained what inspired her to take working out so seriously and more!

For Jordyn Woods, fitness is not ‘just a trend’ but something she is well aware is good for her and that she also enjoys a lot.

Speaking of things she enjoys, the star also revealed the snack she considers her ‘guilty pleasure’ as well.

Jordyn Woods got candid about how she still enjoys certain delicious foods in moderation and told her fans how she takes care, not just of her body but also of her mind and spirit.

When asked what motivated her to start taking fitness so seriously, the celeb explained that ‘I think a big thing about me is that I am really big on mental health. And fitness has been my form of therapy through everything. Through losing my father, I really turned to fitness. It wasn’t just a little trend to me; it is more than being trendy. I am someone who lost weight and I did it the traditional way and worked my butt off to get to the point that I am at today.’

The starlet went on to point out how relatable and attainable her journey really is: ‘I am like every other girl, it is not some extreme thing that I did that truly worked, but what works for me can work for a lot of other people. No fitness guru or fitness expert. I am a regular girl that actually had to put in the work and saw the results.’

As for her methods, she mentioned that ‘I love to do workouts with bands,’ explaining that it’s much easier to do at home and while traveling.


Finally, Jordyn revealed her guilty pleasure to be doughnuts!

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