Joker Receives Top Prize At The Venice Film Festival

Joker Receives Top Prize At The Venice Film Festival
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According to a report from The Chicago Tribune, Todd Philipps and Joaquin Phoenix's movie, Joker, won the number one prize this past weekend at the Venice Film Festival. Reportedly, the movie has earned critical praise since the first screening, however, it has since sparked worry regarding the future of the movie business.

Back in 2018, Netflix's Roma was awarded the prize at the Venice Film Festival, however, it became the subject of controversy in the industry due to the way in which the streaming giant releases its movies and also refuses to reveal the box-office revenue.

Due to pressure from other major studios in the United States, Netflix recently bought the Old Egyptian Theater in Hollywood so they meet the requirements of the Academy Awards and other awards ceremonies. The movie has not only sparked controversy in terms of the future of Hollywood, but it was also stressful for Joaquin as well.

Previously, actor Joaquin Phoenix explained his process for diving into the character, moreover, he revealed what it was like to lose so much weight in such little time. Thus far, critics have claimed that Joaquin Phoenix's rendition of the Joker is arguably one of the most deranged they had ever seen.

While discussing the film at the Venice Film Festival, Phoenix, who's perhaps best known for starring in Gladiator as well as Her, claimed that he chose to ignore previous interpretations of the character, and instead, approached it on his own.

The actor claimed that he and Todd Philipps, the director, had met for around 6 months before shooting began to talk about how the character should talk, look, act, in addition to the character design. The part that proved the most physically exhausting, however, was the dramatic weight loss of 52 pounds.

According to the actor, when a person loses that much weight in so little time, it's easy to "start to go mad." Moreover, in preparation for the idiosyncrasies of the character, Todd gave him a little journal to write in which would reflect the Joker's inner thoughts and belief systems.

In terms of the laugh, Philipps told Joaquin that the laugh should be so intense as to almost cause pain to hear it. The Gladiator alum stated that it took a while to create.

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