John Boyega Thanks Fans And Followers For Their Support Following His Passionate BLM Speech

John Boyega Thanks Fans And Followers For Their Support Following His Passionate BLM Speech
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John Boyega has officially become a fan-favorite among the Hollywood elite after he delivered a passionate speech regarding the Black Lives Matter protests in London, UK, earlier in the week. John joined the ranks of many other demonstrators in the city following the death of George Floyd in police custody.

For the first time, John took to his social media account to express gratitude for all of his supporters. Boyega wrote on his Instagram account this Sunday that he couldn't be any more grateful for the "love and support" offered by fans.

John touched on the impact of the Black Lives Matter protests, addressing just how important it is for communities to work together for long-term solutions. The star went on to say it was for not only our generation but the next.

Boyega says that it couldn't be any more important today than ever. The Star Wars alum added, "I believe any great movement starts with a renewal of the mind." John said he has been thinking about where to go from here.

Some of the celebrities and entertainers to voice support for the Star Wars alum include Olivia Wilde, among others. As it was previously reported, John Boyega spoke to a large crowd of people in Hyde Park, London, where he said that "black lives have always mattered."

Boyega says that he and the rest of the black community have always been important. He claims that "now is the time." John is referring to the Black Lives Matter protests that have since swept around the entire world.

The protests erupted shortly after George Floyd died while in police custody. Derek Chauvin, his arresting officer, had his knee pressed up against George's neck, blocking his airways and choking him to death.

A coroner later ruled that Floyd died from asphyxiation. As it was noted above, many celebrities have commented on the political protests around the world, including Spike Lee, who said he hasn't seen such a thing since the 1960s.

Lee said earlier this month that he was thrilled to see his "white brothers and sisters" protesting the issue that has afflicted black Americans for decades.

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