Snoop Dogg Appears On Lil' Wayne's Young Money Podcast To Talk About Defunding The Police And More

Snoop Dogg Appears On Lil' Wayne's Young Money Podcast To Talk About Defunding The Police And More
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During a new episode of Lil' Wayne's Young Money Radio , Snoop Dopp revealed his opinions regarding police brutality, racism, and even defunding the police, a new talking point reiterated around the world by Black Lives Matter protestors.

According to Snoop Dogg, it has gotten worse over the last few years, but on account of technology and social sharing platforms, people can see what's going on in the real world a lot more now. Snoop said it's "being broadcasted," and this fact has played a crucial role in the changes we're seeing today.

Snoop Dogg claims that racism and police brutality have always existed, and black Americans have been saying it for years. These days, however, camera technology is so advanced that the public now has a good idea of what's going on.

The rapper went on to say that the camera is the "best witness we got in court." The rapper says that "he doesn't lie," and it can't be paid off in a court of law either. Moreover, Snoop Dogg commented on the way in which the present generation is taking it to the next level.

The previous generation, like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, they could only take it so far. The rapper, echoing similar comments made by Spike Lee in recent days, said that now the beauty of it is every race is working together to make improvements. It's not just black people doing it on their own.

The rapper went on to say that the police are getting too much money. In his view, the police are overfunded and overprotected. Some of that money should be going to the communities so they can police themselves.

The Doggystyle artist explained that there is no better police officer than a "gangbanger in the neighborhood that doesn't gangbang no more." The rapper joked that such a person has more power and influence in the community than any police officer could ever have.

As it was noted above, much of Snoop Dogg's comments echoed what Spike Lee, the director, had to say as well. The director claimed that the best part of the protests was that races are now working together.

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