Jill Duggar Ignores Jim Bob's Rules Once Again By Enrolling Her Son In Public School And Fans Are Loving It

Jill Duggar Ignores Jim Bob's Rules Once Again By Enrolling Her Son In Public School And Fans Are Loving It
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Former Counting On star Jill Duggar delighted fans this week when she posted a video on the Dillard family blog that revealed she and her husband Derick Dillard had enrolled their four-year-old son Israel in Kindergarten. As fans know, Jill and her 18 siblings were home-schooled by her mother, Michelle, and her dad Jim Bob’s strict family rules don’t really support education outside of the home.

However, Jill explained on her blog post that after homeschooling Israel for nearly five years, she and her husband decided it would be fun to let their oldest son go to kindergarten this fall. And, it’s extra special because they enrolled him in the same school district that Derick was in over 25 years ago.

In addition to the video, Jill and Derick posted different pictures on their respective Instagram accounts that featured Israel smiling big while he was dressed up in a button-down shirt, jeans, and dress shoes.

“Proud moment as Israel got registered for kindergarten this week!” Derick wrote in the caption of the pic that featured the entire Dillard family - Derick, Jill, Israel, and Samuel, 2.

“Why did I think you homeschooled?” one fan asked Derick in the comments, and he replied “We’ve homeschooled for almost 5 years, but now he’s old enough for school.”

Fans are going crazy over the news, as Jill is the first child of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar to enroll her child in public school. The only one of her siblings who has kids old enough to go to school is Josh - who just welcomed his sixth child with his wife, Anna - but they have homeschooled their children just like the Duggar matriarch.

Jill’s sister Jessa has a four-year-old son named Spurgeon, but she has not revealed if she will homeschool or enroll her oldest son in school like Jill.

“You just became my favorite Duggar! Let the teachers teach and go pursue your own interests!!!!” one person wrote on Instagram. Another fan added, “This is fantastic! I’m so glad you and Jill are sticking to your own beliefs and thinking outside the ‘Duggar box.’”

The majority of fans praised Jill Duggar for the decision, but there were some who criticized her choice to put Israel in public school. However, Jill isn’t backing down and she told one fan, “Thank you for your concern. We do try to prayerfully consider each step we take and not just run on autopilot.”


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