Jennie Garth Defends BH90210 Amid Fan Backlash Over Reboot

Jennie Garth Defends BH90210 Amid Fan Backlash Over Reboot
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Jennie Garth is defending BH90210 after some fan backlash regarding the reboot took over social media.

The Beverly Hills 90210 reboot has gotten mixed reviews from fans. It was never going to be a traditional reboot, with the stars bringing back, Kelly, Donna, Brandon, David, Andrea, Brenda, and Steve. Everyone involved with the Fox reboot was 100% clear about the premise before the drama premiered.

After some fans expressed their disappointment over the reboot, Garth decided it was time to defend the show. She is setting the record straight on why the new concept works, as well as why a traditional revival would never have happened.

"Personally, it never made sense for me to go back and play Kelly Taylor. I felt like our audience deserved more, so when we came up with this fresh concept, we were all like, 'Let's do this!" the blonde beauty shared with Us Weekly .

Garth and her good friend, Tori Spelling were the masterminds behind BH90210 . They came up with the concept, got the original cast on board and pitched it to Fox. The only hold out was Shannen Doherty, who agreed to do the show following Luke Perry's shocking death last March.

The actress used Instagram to express further how she genuinely feels about the new show.

"I've literally held my breath on this project for the past two years that we've been developing & making it. It's always scary taking a risk. It feels really good to know that you like the show and are embracing the concept with open arms," she shared.

Although Twitter was not sure of the reboot following the premiere, social media changed its tune after the second episode. The concept appears to be growing on fans, who in the end are simply excited to see their favorite Peach Pit gang back together again.

Fox's new hit is BH90210 . The ratings for the premiere were outstanding. Although the Beverly Hills 90210 reboot was labeled a limited series event, fans and the stars are already pushing for a second season.

BH90210 star Jennie Garth is defending the show as fans are starting to warm up to the new concept. There are only four episodes left in the season, and social media is dreading the end. One thing viewers can agree on is six episodes was not enough. Hopefully, Fox will listen and order a second season.

What do you think of BH90210 ?

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