James Franco Spotted In Public After Two Former Students Accuse Him Of Sexual Misconduct

James Franco Spotted In Public After Two Former Students Accuse Him Of Sexual Misconduct
Credit: Source: James Franco/Instagram

James Franco has been spotted in public for the first time since two former students have sued him for sexual misconduct. Franco was spotted in New York's Washington Square Park and he appeared to be calm and confident despite the allegations and impending suit against him.

Actresses Toni Gaal and Sarah Tither-Kaplan say that James Franco engaged in sexually charged and inappropriate behavior towards female students who took his class at the Playhouse West Studio 4.

Wearing a colorful hoodie, black pants, and a baseball cap, James' career has taken a hit since allegations surfaced, but he does have two projects coming: Arctic Dog s and The Long Hom e.

James Franco was seen by himself and though he hasn't spoken out about the allegations directly, his lawyer is speaking on his behalf. According to Franco's attorney, James has yet to be served for a lawsuit and they say the allegations are false and have been debunked.

You may see photos of James Franco as he was out and about in New York below.

According to the complaint, the allegations say that James Franco used his position at the school to not only defraud women but to sexually exploit them. The complaint states the following.

"Employment opportunities for women supposedly increased when they agreed to overt sexual acts, nudity and performing in sex scenes — often in an orgy type setting."

Additionally, the complaint states that the women who participated in an orgy sex scene were supposed to wear plastic guards over their genitals, but Franco removed the guards while simulating oral sex.

Franco promoted that he was teaching the Meisner acting method. Also named in the lawsuit are former partners Vince Jolivette and Jay Davis. The complaint also states that Jolivette, Davis, and other people associated with the school actively recruited young women between the ages of 17 and 24 who were naive about the way the film industry worked. The allegation is that they were specifically targeted for the purpose of being sexually exploited.

What do you think about this lawsuit? Have you been following the allegations against James Franco? Are you going to follow the case?

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