Is Brad Pitt Ready To Spill Everything About His Nasty Split From Angelina Jolie In A New Tell-All

Is Brad Pitt Ready To Spill Everything About His Nasty Split From Angelina Jolie In A New Tell-All
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After announcing their separation nearly three years ago, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s nasty divorce battle has been a tabloid fixture that has sparked an insane number of rumors. During that time, both Jolie and Pitt have remained relatively quiet about their split and allowed the media to speculate about every detail - from new romances to child custody - but it looks like that could change very soon.

According to Radar Online , Pitt is ready to tell his side of the story and is working on a tell-all book.

“Brad is still sober and has been working on this book for quite some time,” says an insider. “He is just waiting for all of this drama with Angelina and the kids to be over and done with.”

When Jolie and Pitt split in September 2016, the Fight Club star immediately became the villain of the story, as Jolie accused her ex of child abuse, which led to an FBI investigation. They eventually cleared Pitt of any wrongdoing, but he knew he needed to make some major life changes.

The 55-year-old got sober, and he has worked hard to improve his relationships with his six children. Now, he wants the world to know the truth about the end of his marriage.

“At this point, Brad really wants to get the truth out there about everything,” says the insider. “Brad has great relationships with all of his children, and he really wants everyone to know this.”

Now that the sequel to World War Z is on hold, Pitt is taking the summer off to spend time with his kids. This means that he won’t focus on the memoir until the fall, so fans will have to wait a little longer to get their hands on the potential best-seller.

Even though Pitt and Jolie’s divorce isn’t final, they have both regained their single status after they both asked the court for a bifurcated judgment. However, just because he is back on the market, that doesn’t mean Pitt will go running back to his first wife, Jennifer Aniston.

Cameras recently caught Pitt out and about in Los Angeles, and when someone asked him about the possibility of getting back together with Aniston, he laughed and replied, “Oh my god.”

Pitt did attend Aniston’s 50th birthday party at the Sunset Towers in February. Just because the exes are on good terms, it doesn’t mean they are rekindling their romance.

Brad Pitt’s new movie Once Upon a Time In Hollywood will hit theaters on July 26th.

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