Gary Barlow Postpones His Recent Concert Tour Due To A Sickness In His Family

Gary Barlow Postpones His Recent Concert Tour Due To A Sickness In His Family
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Gary Barlow has canceled Take That's 30th-anniversary world tour which was scheduled to go around the globe in the following year. According to the Mirror, through, Gary had to postpone his previously set dates due to a family illness.

Gary, who has three children, sat down with the Mirror for an interview in which he said there was an illness "in my family and it means I'm not going to travel for the next two years extensively."

He went on to say that he's fortunate enough to have very understanding bandmates. Gary added that he didn't want his fans to be frustrated with the lack of a tour, but it's a necessary evil, unfortunately, for the betterment of his family.

Moreover, Gary confirmed he and the rest of the band were canceling their South American and Australian tour as well. However, they'll still play some European dates.

Despite the fact Gary didn't reveal precisely who has the illness and what it is, the star has said in the past that he wanted to take a break. Previously, the singer-songwriter said to reporters from The Mirror that he was working extremely hard and wanted to take a brief hiatus.

Barlow explained he was putting in the work now, that way he could take a vacation later. There are many things in life he wants to try, other than music, the singer said, but he hasn't had a chance to do them, so now is the time.

In other news, Gary has been spending the holiday season at home with his three kids and spouse, Dawn. The children: Dawn, Daisy, and Emily. On Saturday, Mr. Barlow posted a shot on his Instagram, in which he was putting the final touches on his Christmas tree.

The singer captioned the picture with, "6ft 4 really helps this time of year." We're hoping Gary will be able to enjoy Christmas with his family this year despite illness.

It's clear that being a performing artist isn't quite as easy as one would think. Other stars to take considerable time off lately due to personal matters includes Demi Lovato and Justin Bieber.

As it was previously reported, the singer-songwriter relapsed this year and had to go to rehab. And Justin had to cancel the remaining dates of his Purpose World Tour due to exhaustion.

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